The Italians’ passion for beer knows no crisis, as the Coop 2019 report states, beer continues to drive consumption with a growth of 39.5% compared to the previous year. One of the keys to success is certainly the rise of craft and agricultural breweries, who brought to the market innovative products, characterized by high quality, increasing awareness and will to live new experiences in costumers.

If only a few years ago the choice was limited to “blond or red” if not even “small or medium”, today the consumer has become more demanding and aware. Almost 81% of Italian craft beer buyers states that “local origin” factor is crucial as much as production methods in their choices.

In this picture the interest in brewing tourism fits in. Indeed the 2017 study by the Food World Travel Association indicated the growing demand for travel proposals related to the world of beer, capable of combining tastings, guided tours to the territories and places of production.

The brewing sector highlights a large participation of young people (not just costumer-side) who boosts the growth bringing in the game new business ideas characterized by creativity and will to dare. This results in market brimming with a wide range of products like cereal beers, flavored with spices, from pepper to saffron, hemps beer and so on.

Marche Region represents a relevant national best practice with the project promoted by Copagri Marche resulted in COBI (Italian Consortium of barley and beer producers), one of the most important malt house in Italy. A project aiming to support and encourage the sector that played a crucial role in the recognition of agricultural product for beer in 2010 and officially opened the age of agricultural beer. A growing interest for a slice of market that knows no stop since then, so much so that between 2018 and 2019 Marche producers number increases of 14%. A movement that counts more than eighty active realities, when in the previous decade they were less than ten.

A phenomenon capable of appealing new segments of the public that are sensitive to the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development, which will once again be the protagonist in the 28th edition of Tipicità in “Birra di Marca”. Birra di Marca is exhibition path offering a selection of the best brewing products in Marche Region and the chance of take part to beer-themes events and guided tastings in order to discover this rising world and even plan a full-immersion short break along the routes of beer.