The endless evolution of tourism scenarios states the revenge of the notorious DIY tourist. More and more travelers and less vacationers, looking for an active role in an engaging journey, third millennium tourists leave the niche and become consolidated trends. Tipicità experience, scheduled in Fermo from 7th to 9th March, during the next edition will push the accelerator launching a portfolio of stunning travel experiences, from Marche Region to the world.

A 90s Italian TV commercial of a famous tour operator help to create in the collective imagination the do-it-yourself tourist. A clumsy and disorganized kind of person (probably even stingy) who decided to plan by himself his vacation ending up like an odd duck in uncomfortable situation surrounded by locals having different cultures, habits and languages. A nightmare in comparison to the organized tourist that choose to let the tour operator handling his staying in a comfortable resort.

Time goes by and the DIY tourist switched from being the scarecrow of a generation to be Eldorado of the next one. That’s right, today the world of tourism has changed, people no longer want to be spectator of a pre-written story, but they choose to break down the fourth wall, come into the plot to play a role, even though not necessarily the lead. Today we are looking for experiences.

Tipicità experience, the experiential tourism expo, or more simply, the expo of travel experiences, was born to face this rising need tourism salon or, more simply, the salon of travel experiences. An exhibition path that, booth after booth, does not simply aims to showcase territories to visit, but experiences to live.

After all, the experience is not a revolution, but a back-to-basics. Throughout history mankind has always moved searching for something, prehistoric civilizations were nomads after all, they moved looking for food. As agriculture changed the rule of the game, the goal moved from food to resources, the conquest of new lands. We were told stories of medieval wandering knights searching for adventures and heroic deeds. The 20th century saw people undertaking the journey of hope, looking for a better life in the other side of the world. Suddenly modern man found himself surrounded by everything he needed, so the journey became a vacation, a simpler physical translation, trying to keep city habits as unchanged as possible, work routine aside.

The new millennium witnesses vacation gives way to the overwhelming return of the journey, where the modern traveler, no longer looking for resources, undertakes a journey to put himself to the test in order to find himself. In the global village of low-cost airlines, the destination also loses its importance. An experience can be lived just a few steps from home, just treat yourself to a short break along a wine route, a stay in a farmhouse combined with a course in traditional cooking, pottery or painting. Challenging your inner-self and cultivate a passion is what really matters.

Tipicità experience aims to celebrate this new way of traveling, with a wide range of opportunities: events strongly linked to local identity, innovative and traditional tourism proposals, new technologies able to help us during our adventures. A pavilion full of emotions that over time has expanded to showcase tourism proposals from all over Italy and the world. Because, in the end, confrontation ad exchange are the essence of any experience.