The interest in organic productions, eco-sustainability and the green cluster is constantly increasing. At Tipicità, the demand for eco-friendly products finds an answer in Orizzonte Bio, a path designed to describe a world in constant evolution.

Italy is striding towards a bio horizon, as confirmed by the data released by the MIPAAF contained in the report of the National Information System on Organic Agriculture, with as many as 80,000 people operating in the sector, Italy ranks at the top compared to the rest of the European countries. The fields cultivated following the organic rules increase beyond the continental average and the southern Italian regions drive the production of certified organic raw materials.

The demand for organic food is also becoming more and more significant, the Coop 2019 report depicts a country that, while marking a contraction in spending, puts a “plus” upon the bio box. Pushed by the growing presence on shelves of large chain-stores, customers’ choice increases of 4.6%. A trend that goes hand in hand with the process of acquiring awareness on climate-change issues, which are leading to more responsible purchasing behavior.

The choice of organic products is one of the symptoms of a broader behavioral pattern that sees an increasingly attentive consumer emerges, eager to learn about production techniques, to explore places of origin and to learn about the products he brings to the table. The rediscovery of the “zero kilometer” factor paradoxically goes together with the search for ethnic products and recipes, as if to show that the desire for organic food is nothing more than the search for “next door exotic“.

The bio horizon is not just “farm to fork”, but overflows in all areas of life indeed, the search for eco-friendly products includes clothes, cosmetic products, vehicles, green energies and eco-houses. A new lifestyle increasingly designed around the Earth’s needs, which in Tipicità is celebrated with a thematic path born to tell and compare all the shades of green.

Orizzonte Bio (organic horizon) is not just an exposition path, but a cloud of ideas, questions and answers shared directly between customers and producers. In order to ease the exchange of experiences Orizzonte Bio features the Bio Hall, an animation area where producers can launch and tell new products, techniques and food for thought to allow a wider knowledge of the critical issues and the chances offered by an organic future.